I haven’t been on in awhile. Our laptop crashed and Matt has been working on putting one together.

I have been working a lot more lately. It’s really nice. Yesterday I went to the bank to see what we needed to do before buying a house.. Long story short, we just received a packet from the USDA to fill out to see if we are approved.. It’s pretty insane. I am so excited though! I feel like such a grown up! 🙂

It is kind of weird blogging on my iPod. I like it, it’s just weird, haha.

Anyway, this is all for now.




is it wrong that i am dying to have a best friend? don’t get me wrong, my husband is my best friend. i just want a female best friend too. all my life i had my cousin and when that ended i had my mother-in-law. not that we aren’t close anymore but life has changed.  sometimes i just feel so lonely. i often wonder if it is something that i do. i mean, it has to be me, right?

i have just been so emotional lately. haha, my poor husband! next week we are house sitting/taking care of the animals and yvonne. they have a pool so it will be pretty fun. yvonne likes to swim – we’ll all have fun! we’ll be there for i think 4 maybe 5 days. money, money, money! we might be able to make another trip down to california or carson city in the next month or two. it would be nice to get out of town for a few days!!

liam is so cute when he is sleeping. he’s cute when he’s awake too but there is just something so sweet about a sleeping baby! before bed he had me read the story of jesus being born like 10x. hahaha, he is so funny. i am so thankful to be his mommy. sometimes i get so caught up in having another baby that i tend to put him on the back burner. i know we will have another baby one day, right now i need to just focus on the baby that is actually here right now though.

can you tell i am lonely? when my husband isn’t home, i literally don’t have anything to do! well, once the cooking, cleaning, and laundry is all done anyway. well, i think i’m off to bed. it’s going to be a long but good day tomorrow!

bored much? :)

this is the lady with alzheimer’s i take care of and i.

I just got off the phone with the secretary for a Dermatologist. . July 11th i am getting this awful mole chopped off of my chin 🙂 wooo hoo!! i have been dying to get it off since i was little. i’m so exciting these days, right? 🙂

today liam went to work with me. sometimes he is crazy but today he was really good. i love days like this. . he is being so sweet and listening to everything, i love it!

he isn’t totally potty trained yet. we have been working with him a lot on that. he does good but the second you get distracted it’s all over!

yesterday tara and lilly came over. lilly is about two months old now – i think. she is so precious though! i must admit, i kind of have baby fever.. i’m really trying to lose this weight from my last pregnancy before we get pregnant again. we’ll just have to wait and see! i’m really hoping i can lose 50lbs by decemeber. i feel like i’ve been pretty good too! of course, i do have my bad days but i’m trying to get better!! or at least have LESS bad days!

so, next week we will be house sitting and taking care of my boss’ mom. i think one night we are there and yvonne (her mom) and liam are in bed i’m going to make matthew a nice dinner – one that he loves but hasn’t had in awhile! we just need a date night. thankfully we have friends who will watch him for free but i just feel so bad pawning him off to spend time with my husband when we can just wait until he’s in bed!

our friends wes and vanessa told us that they try and go out once a week together without their daughter. i think we might have to do the same thing.. even if we just stayed home and watched a movie together or something. maybe go to vegas every once in awhile 🙂

i really want to move to carson city. can’t my husband just find an awesome job so i can stay home with liam and have more babies? and can’t we just drag all of our friends out there with us? i can’t stop thinking about lake tahoe – it is just so beautiful! the apartments out there are the same price as they are here but nicer. some are even fully furnished?! could it get any better than that?

so, i’m wondering if my in-laws are coming out this weekend. i hope they do! we miss them so much! and our nephew.. i just want to kiss him until he turns blue! okay, that might be a little insane but you get the point!

while we were in carson city a couple weeks ago – i had my first drink. it had been three years of being sober. all that time i was so scared i would fall. it actually felt really good. it felt good because now i don’t wonder, worry, crave, or even think about it. i don’t mind drinking every once in awhile now! fancy dinners, special occasions – whatever! it feels so good to say this. i feel like me drinking just made me even stronger. i’m not sure how or why, but i feel stronger.

good day! 🙂

Long time, no talk!

Wow, it’s been awhile since i have been on. To be honest, i didn’t even think this was still here. Anyways, i’m sure there have been plenty of change for me to share. .

Liam is 2 years old now. (I will post a picture.) He is quite the character! I have a nephew, Ewan. And a niece on the way! I must say. . We make some pretty cute babies!!

Matt (My Husband) is still working the same job. I am working now. I am working for a family we know. Her mom has Alzheimer’s. Last year i took a CNA class. I just need to schedule to test!

Oh, and. . we moved out of our last house and now we live with roommates. There will be PLENTY to share – don’t worry 🙂

Life has been good though. Haven’t lost the weight i’ve been dying too. I’m pretty focused right now though. Today i started WW again. It was a good day! i’m not even sure if people are still following me on here.

Today i went to the dentist for a cleaning. . Pretty exciting, right? Not really. my mouth is so sore. Then we went to Albertson’s for some food – of course. . .

Maybe i’ll have more to say tomorrow!! 🙂

This is my husband and i at lake tahoe 6-10-11

This is our boy. He is making a goofy face 🙂

Laundry day!

Later today Viola is coming over. I’m excited to see her. It’s been awhile!

So, lately I have been in a mood where I don’t care about what people say about me or think about me. I am done trying to be people’s friends when they don’t want to be mine. It gets old trying to hang out with people and they don’t try back. I’m done. I have other friends that I could spend more time with anyway.

Liam is going to be one in a month and a half!! I can’t believe how big he is!! He’s so cute. Lately he’s been trying to talk more, he’s been letting go of things more, and, he points his hands when he wants things. He’s so stinkin cute! 🙂

Matt applied for some more jobs Monday. I hope he gets something! We really want to buy the house we’re in right now and we can’t do that unless he gets a better job. He’s thinking about doing stuff with the Fire Station.

I can’t write much today. I’m doing laundry then going back home.

Home sweet home!

My mom just let me borrow the movie The proposal. Michelle tells me it’s really good. We’re going to watch it tonight. :).

Last night was Jared and Tim’s birthday. We had some pizza. They got this all meat kind, it was delicious. When we got home I was hanging clothes up and I started getting cramps in my stomach and back. Not like that time of the month cramps. Just cramps. So, I layed on the couch for to see if it would help. Matt called his mom and I guess it was just from eating bad food and having no water. Today i’m going to try and drink lots of water. It was scary! Specially because Matt asked if he should take me to the hospital! Lol.

Anyway, we looooove being in our own house. It’s pretty lonely but I think we are getting used to it. We are thinking about buying the house from his parents. We love it. It’s so cute and the layout is perfect for us. The yard is huge too. Which is something Matt really likes. I’m excited! I’m supposed to call this Vanessa lady for information about a job for Matt. I hope he gets it! Once we are stable (money wise), we are able to have another baby. Although, I want to lose this weight before getting pregnant again. How exciting! 🙂

Well, I don’t have much to say! Haha

Nodding my head like yaaaah.

We’re moving out Tuesday! We are all really excited. It’ll be a nice change. Yesterday we went to Vegas and when we were in Trader Joes, I was feeling very overwhelmed. At the moment, I felt all the pressure of having to shop smart to feed my family. This is going to be very tough for me. I over spend any chance I get. It’s something I’m really working on.

My sister is coming over today. Matt’s at work and I don’t want to pack alone. Haha.

One good thing about moving is, we won’t have internet. At first I almost cried after hearing that. I know it’s good though. I know that i’m on the computer too much. I’ll probably have less drama without the internet anyway.

Liam is so good right now. He’s taking a nap. Which means, I got a shower without a screaming baby!! Hahaha. He has been really fussy lately though. We think he might be teething. That and I admit, I have been really stressed out lately. I think when i’m like this, i’m on edge with everyone and when he fusses, it seems worse than it really is. I’m praying about it though. I shouldn’t be like this to anyone. Especially Liam and Matt.

Well, I better go do my hair before my boy wakes up. 🙂


I’m in better hands now.

I just put Liam in bed for the night. He’s been a little grumpy today. I think he wants to eat real food more during the day. I really hope he doesn’t stop nursing soon :(. I always talked about stopping when he turns one but i don’t want him to stop just yet. I’d be so sad.

Tomorrow Matt and I are going to look at some furniture. I’m so excited to move! Although, we STILL don’t have a date hahaha. Saturday, Cindy and I are going grocery shopping. I’m a little nervous how expensive food will be.

I’m going to watch some tv with my hubby. Goodnight!

Forever I’ll love you.

New Image

He’s is so big! 10/6/09

The biggest Loser is on tonight. I’m curious what they are going to say to that lady. Mondays were supposed to be our night but, Liam was sick. I think tonight is going to be our night this week though. We’re going to watch The Biggest Loser. I’ll probably make us a cappuccino.

For dinner tonight I made some more tortillas. We made little pizzas. Everyone here loves them. So far, Tim has loved everything I have made. He’s so sweet.

I cannot believe we’re about to move out! Still don’t have an exact day but, Tim said sometime next week. Cindy, Michelle, and I are going to Vegas Saturday for Jesse’s baby shower. We’re going to Cosco first though to do some shopping. I’m excited to do our first shopping :).

Matt and I were going to go look for some furniture this weekend but Saturday i’ll be in Vegas, and Sunday he’s working. I’m sure we’ll figure something out. If nothing else, we don’t NEED a couch right away. Cindy’s letting us take one of hers until we get our own. So, we’ll be fine.

One thing i’m really looking forward to is not having cable or internet. It’s going to be hard to adapt but I think we’re so spoiled. I told Matt that it’s not something I want to pay for. At least right now. We’re already going to be on a tight budget. I rather use or save that money.

Anyway, all day tomorrow I am finishing our laundry. I meant to yesterday but we had so much and Jared needed to put some stuff in too. So, tomorrow I really need to do that!

We’ve decided for our Halloween party, we’re going to make it an 80’s theme. How exciting! I can’t wait to decorate. I finished the invitations last night. I’m going to try and get one to everyone by this weekend. Although, i’m going to have a busy weekend! Haha

Nine and a half months.

So, we’ll be moving sometime next week. Matt just got called today for work all week though so i’m not sure how this will work but I know The Lord will guide us and make things right.

We’ve decided to have a Halloween party. We’re thinking about having everyone dress up as a Hollywood couple. How fun would that be? We aren’t sure who we should be though. We still have time to figure things out.

I’m making invitations right now. I’m just trying to figure how many I should print out.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say tonight.


Liam, 9 and a half months old.

He wasn’t feeling very good. Poor thing!